Medications That Affect Oral Health Phoenix, AZ

For decades, dental and medical professionals have understood the connection between oral and general health and implemented it through complete health dentistry. Through extensive research, clinical trials, and experience, they found that many medications for various health conditions affect one's oral health. It is for that reason that dentists need to know a patient's medical history as well as a list of all medications they are taking.

Understanding the oral-systemic link and medications that affect both medical and dental conditions can significantly enhance a patient's well-being. We can also alter certain medications to fit the patient's needs and help curb their symptoms or side effects. Complete health dentists can offer guidance in navigating conditions and prescribe appropriate dental medications.

Complete health dentistry information is available at Smile Dental Studio in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Our staff can help you better understand the oral-systemic health connection. Call us at (602) 789-1131 to schedule a consultation appointment today.

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